Oyster Extract "Frequently Asked Questions" and answers!

Oyster Extract - FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

How is OY-EX made?
Just what is it made of?






Where are Oysters for OY-EX produced?

We use very special oysters which are harvested in the reserved ocean areas around Hiroshima, Iwate and Miyagi prefectures. Typically, our oysters are harvested from September until April. However, oyster from January to May, prior to spawning are the most desired for OY-EX Oyster Extract. The reason for these pre-spawn oysters is that they are the richest in nutritional value. We choose or reject oysters used for OY-EX based specifically upon the glycogen content. It is very important to select the best raw material for the production of OY-EX.

Here are some interesting harvesting facts:

  • It takes two years to raise oysters to harvest maturity.
  • The best seasons to harvest oysters are months in the year with the letter "R" in the month name.
  • Energy required for spawning by oysters is glycogen. We have found that these oysters strong in glycogen are rich in the other 40 elements of OY-EX.

How is Oyster Extract produced?

Oysters are boiled in low temperature water, to prevent the loss of mineral elements. This produces the extracts which we extract. Furthermore, as the extracts are condensed, they are then dried at low temperatures, the water is removed and the dried extract is exposed. The raw dried oyster extract has a dark brown color, and a very distinctive and original smell.

The effective nutritional element Substance-Z is derived from the condensed oyster extract, again dried in low temperatures and produced as a condensed substance. Because the raw dried oyster extract has high humidity absorption, very controlled procedures are used to prevent the oyster extract from absorbing humidity during the production process. We accomplish this by maintaining strict procedures consistently through out the factory, and by using the latest GMP standards and equipment. (The same equipment and procedures used during the production of medicine products.)

What about Sea Pollution, is there any effect on the oysters?

Sea pollution was considered a problem when we began to harvest fresh ocean oysters. However, the pollution level over the past 30 years has significantly improved. Japan is a very environmentally conscious nation, and strict adherence to water, soil and air pollution has greatly improved the ocean waters around the Hiroshima, Iwate and Miyagi prefectures. In fact, these ocean waters are now recognized as some of the most pure and pristine ocean waters in the world.

Even with this change in ocean conditions, we take detailed water samples for analysis in the oyster bed areas during the two year growth cycles. In fact, we believe that oysters produced under these controlled situations may actually be safer than most of the land based crops and foods we consume, because the land based foods are more difficult to test and control.

Sanitary Procedures during manufacture of OY-EX products.

OY-EX Oyster Extract products are produced in a state-of-the-art factory, with GMP (Pharmaceutical quality) standards and conformed equipment. Impurities and extra fat in the oysters is removed. Any sign of bacteria or heavy metal from pollution is strictly monitored. We are proud that our factory has adhered to these strict policies and guidelines for many years. The result, you can take OY-EX products with complete confidence.


So, is OY-EX considered "a medicine"?

OY-EX is not a medicine. It is a nutritional food supplement. The OY-EX tablets are covered with a very thin layer of sugar, so they certainly look like a typical gpillh. However, because the oyster extract contents are considered nutritive condensed food, the contents are strictly natural nutritional elements. As a result, the contents are different from medicines and the quality of the extract does not change.

The outer shell of an OY-EX tablet consists of the following:

  • Natural Cacao Pigment
    • - Colored with oyster extract color
    • - Natural sweet taste
    • - Safe for people avoiding sugar products

  • Covered with sugar
    • - Easy to swallow
    • - Usually, 270mg pills are covered with more than 270mg of sugar.
    • - OY-EX tablets are covered with a very thin layer of sugar, totaling 230mg,
    • - so it is very easy for people with weak stomachs to tolerate.


Tell me more about the coating on the OY-EX tablet?

OY-EX tablets are colored with natural cacao pigment. We never use artificial synthetic coloring agents. Although it is somewhat sweet to the taste, it is quite different from chocolate and is safe for anyone avoiding sugar.

Some of the OY-EX products (beverages) have a strong smell?

OY-EX products have a distinctive smell because of the condensed oyster extract made from raw oysters. Even though you can smell the oyster extract easily in the beverage products, there is no difference in the quality of the products. (Tablets vs. Beverages)


How is oyster extract different from eating RAW oysters?

One OY-EX tablet contains enough highly condensed oyster extract to equal about 50 raw oysters. As the oysters are processed for extraction, they are concentrated. That is why 1 tablet has the equivalent of so many raw oysters.

Academic studies have noted that one of the key benefits of our oyster extraction method is the isolation of Substance-Z. In fact, OY-EX tablets are more effective in transferring the vitamins and minerals of raw oysters much easier because of the presence of Substance-Z.

What if I am watching my weight? I am concerned about the sugar and calories in OY-EX?

OY-EX does not have enough nutritional fat or calories to cause concern for weight conscious users. Also, the nutritional elements of OY-EX allow the body to more effectively digest and use other foods consumed by the body. With a proper vitamin and mineral balance, all of the body organs work efficiently, making OY-EX safer for people who want to control their caloric intake.

Considering that most low calorie diets are from 2000 ? 2500 calories per day, you can see that even 6 OY-EX tablets per day are insignificant in effecting caloric intake calculations.

Some people believe that oysters are high in cholesterol?

Using enzymatic testing techniques, we have confirmed that our oyster extraction process lowers the cholesterol content of OY-EX by over ? compared to raw oysters. Since we carefully remove the fat from the oyster extract concentrate, we are able to further lower cholesterol levels in our OY-EX products.

How much salt is in the OY-EX tablet?

The amount of salt in OY-EX tablets is very small, 0.03g per tablet. This amount is insignificant. For example a teaspoon of butter has .1g of salt.